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Reasons To Choose A Hotel Over A House Sharing App

August 10 2022 | Uncategorized

exteriorCompanies like Airbnb and VRBO were created to help homeowners rent out their houses or one room at a time for profit. The business model really was not with the intentions of the customer in mind.

Let us start with the check-in process of one of these services compared to a full-service hotel. Often times a customer of one of these apps has to navigate a detailed check-in process where they will not even know the address of the rental until a few days before check-in. Whereas the front desk is just an effortless process that is almost always open night or day.

Hotels have many options within the property. For instance, the Holiday Inn Downtown Superdome has a full-service restaurant, Clarinet Bistreaux, as well as a beautiful pool and deck area, full bar, coffee shop, information desk, and much more. Whereas with one of the house-sharing services, you will likely need to go out to eat for all meals or stay in and cook. The stay in and cook option in a rented house just feels so much like being back at home and not on a getaway. Plus in a hotel, you can easily take your restaurant leftovers back up to the room.

Cancellations are another issue and concern. There have been many comments from customers who have had their reservations canceled less than a week before their arrival with house renting on some of the platforms. It is a low percentage of the overall bookings, however, it is still an issue, and what if it happens to you on your vacation? Hotels rarely do this unless they come into an overbooked situation. When this is the case, they will book you at a nearby hotel and take care of the cost.clarinet coupon

The cost is not necessarily more expensive either in a hotel. Sometimes you may pay a little more, but you are definitely getting more service for your buck. The last Airbnb the author stayed in was great and a nice home. However, he had to clean out the mini fridge, and buy his own tissue, soap, shampoo, and conditioner. Not a huge deal but totally different than the normal offerings of a nice hotel.

Our trained and dedicated staff will work to make your stay as memorable and enjoyable as possible while offering you all the amenities you have come to enjoy and expect. During your stay at the Holiday Inn Downtown Superdome, you will be treated like family and we hope to be your home away from home on your next vacation or business trip.

See you soon!

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